READ:  Luke 12:2-3

THINK: It's quite possible that when I was a kid I was the biggest fan of Lego in the known known world. I savored each set I got, waited eagerly for the newest Lego magazine each month, and kept  every single one of my creations proudly up on my wall. I remember back then that, more than anything,  I wanted the Lego Death Star more than life itself. My parents of course wouldn't buy it for me because it cost and arm and a leg and then some. So one night I got the bright idea to sneak into my parents' bedroom, take my mom's credit card, and write up the mail-in form myself. Being the 10 year old that I was, I didn't see a problem with forging my mom's signature and send off the form to Lego. Well, you can probably guess how that turned out... a week later my mom got a returned order form with a squiggly, 10- year old version of her name on it. I thought I could hide what I was doing in secret, but what I did got put out in the open. Here's where my silly little story of childish deviousness relates to the media fast. It's pretty easy to slack off when your at home. Turn on the Mentalist, play some Clash of the Clans when you're alone, no one's gonna know right? Before you take the easy way out, think about my cheesy Lego fiasco and what Biblical doctor Luke says:

"There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs." - Luke 12:2-3

DO: What is something you think you are getting away with? Maybe it's time to come clean and give it over to God... 


READ: Ephesians 5:31-32

This is crazy. So we're like the bride of Christ, right? He's like our husband. So according to the text, that means that man (Jesus) leaves his father (God) to be with his bride. That's the church. Now honestly, there aren't too many things that would make me leave the best thing in the universe (read: eternal splendor with God!) for a bunch of lousy humans. We're all so messed up in our hearts and in our heads. But Jesus did that very thing. I guess that's what makes Christ's sacrifice so amazing, that He finds his bride to be beautiful. 

Girls dream about weddings and our future husbands all the time, so I think it's really cool to imagine Christ as a groom, but I imagine it might be awkward for guys to think about it that way; I have no idea. But if we all truly want a relationship with the groom, we have to know things about Him. Instead of JUST bringing your requests and praises to God in prayer, I think it would be way cool if we could all try listening to what He's saying, too. Use the time that you're not spending on media to get to know Him more and to hear Him speak. 


READ: 2 Chronicles 15:7

THINK: Staying strong is the key to any difficult situation. When going through something like parents getting a divorce, depressing thoughts, people treating you bad, a death in the family, or even a Media Fast, it's important to follow through and stay strong. When you have no idea what to say or do in a situation... stay strong.

But staying strong in what? Staying strong in yourself may help for a while... but it won't sustain you for long. Staying strong in your friendships may seem logical... but eventually those friendships may fail you (and probably will). Staying strong in your faith... now that has real "staying power". Your relationship with God is the only thing that can help you stay strong in the midst of struggles and tragedies.

So remember... stay strong.

CHALLENGE: Today, what is your biggest weakness? Share that with God in prayer and share it with your small group leader and ask them to pray for you, too!


from Noah Jonson

READ: Romans 12:2

THINK: The Media Fast is a chance to test our faith during our mundane American lives. Christians around the world today are facing all too real persecution. We may see their walk in faith as monumentally more difficult compared to ours, but American Christians still face a very real temptation in the form of media. As you read Romans 12:2, think about how today's media can be causing you to conform to the world around you. Through the Media Fast, we have an awesome opportunity to remove ourselves from things that are distracting us. We are able to be "transformed by the renewing of our mind." Prayer is an amazing way to do this. We pray before meals and when something stressful or difficult is occurring in our lives. But do you take time to remove yourself from the chaos and just focus on God? Sitting down once a day and devoting your time to Christ is a perfect way to talk to our Almighty Savior and "discern what the will of God is."

CHALLENGE: Take at least 10 minutes out of your day to sit down and talk with God. Remove yourself from distractions, renew your mind, and reassess the will of God in your life. You may not get all the answers the first time... but the more you do this, the more likely you are to realize what God is trying to do in your life.


If you could say anything to a friend, when it comes to the media, what would you say? If there was a passage of Scripture you would turn to if someone had a question about what is going into their mind, what passage would you use?

The Bible says that we are to always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that we have... doing a Media Fast is about hope. We do this because we hope to get closer to God. We do this because we hope that we can raise enough money for a mission trip or camp. We do this because we hope that God will know that we are willing to give up something in our lives that may be keeping us from noticing Him. The Media Fast is about hope... so what is your answer to the question: Why are you doing this fast?

Today, take time to think about the questions listed above. Answer them... maybe write out a short devotional and send it to me. I will post it on here for you to share with your fellow "Fasters". Pick a passage to read. Write down some thoughts on the passage. Then give some kind of application. Hope to see some good ones over the next week or so... and keep it up! You're doing great.


It's Sunday... a day we take time out of our schedule and spend it intentionally focusing on God. 

For us, that means going to church and/or youth group. Have you thought about this: The pastor or leader, they have probably spent time this week praying, talking with God, studying His Word, and praying for you! All with the intent that you would grow closer to God. 

Being a youth pastor, I don't take my role lightly. I'm not perfect. But I desperately want you to grow in your relationship with God. So what I usually share has the intent of nudging you closer to God.

With that in mind, take the time today to think about what was discussed at church or in youth group.

  • What stuck out to you?
  • What did it mean to you?
  • Why do you think it was so important that God put that on the heart of your leader to share it with you?
Maybe as a comment, post your answer to those questions below here. And maybe... if you can, share what you learned with your parents.



Do you want to "BE" in a relationship with God? What would it take for you to "BE" closer to God? There's an interesting thought... Jesus taught it again and again... if you abide with Him, you obey. If you obey, you love Him. If you love Him, you will be with Him.

Take a look at John 15:1-17

Listed below are 5 suggestions in the area of “being.” 

  • Check the ones you’ve tried before. 
  • Circle a new strategy that you will try out this coming week.

Experiencing: Spend time in nature. Allow God’s creation – water, forests, and mountains – to revive your spirit. You may hear God more clearly while in nature.

Feeling: Notice the emotions you feel throughout the day and bring God into the moment. Support and honor your own emotions and those displayed by others.

Listening: God speaks to us throughout the day. Take the time to be silent and listen to Him. Lord, what do you want me to do? Obey His promptings right away.

Reflecting: Spend time before bed reviewing how God worked in your life that day. Tell Him what You noticed Him doing in your life that day. Thank Him.

Waiting: When you pray about something, and God doesn’t seem to be answering your prayer – wait on the Lord. He will answer you in His own time and way.

Which strategy listed above do you need to focus on this week? 

What do you need to do to become stronger in this area? 


1 week down.... 3 more to go.

Sounds like a long time, doesn't it? 

Well let's start making some headway on some of those goals you had:

  • "I want to spend more time with God."
  • "I need to clean my room."
  • "I want to grow in my relationship with God."
  • "I want to contact my sponsors."
  • "I want to take my youth pastor to lunch."
I don't know what your plans were doing the fast, but I do think it's wise to make a plan... so if you haven't, take 10 minutes today to write down 3-5 things you want to accomplish this month. Remember in 2 Corinthians 6:12, Paul says, "You are not restricted by us, you are restricted by your own afflictions." What are some things that are keeping you (restricting you) from growing in your relationship with God? It's not that you don't have the opportunity. No one is trying to keep you from growing closer to God. In fact, you have every opportunity and a lot of support to grow... so it must be something that you restrict yourself by.

Today, before you make your list, read Philippians 3:7-10

Then write down 3-5 things you want to accomplish this month that, as you look at it, it is restricting your walk with God and you want to count it as worthless... because you want something more: a closer walk with God.


So you thought this might be tough. Maybe you feel like you are dying. Maybe you feel like just giving in. The end may seem so far away. You might be running out of things to do. You may be losing sight of the real goal... so let's take a deep breath and review:
  • You are on a fast... not from media, but away from distractions... you are intending to put your attention towards God.
  • This fast is supposed to last 30 days
  • During this time, you are challenged to spend time with God through reading His Word, praying, meditating, journaling, and discussion of your experience with your friends and family.
It's easy to lose focus. It's easy to get distracted.

READ: Philippians 1:21
RELATE: What does it mean "to live is Christ"? How is this fast like "dying"? How has Jesus death and resurrection impacted my life and choices? If it hasn't changed us, than what's the point?
RESPOND: Today, journal on ourthirty.com and share your responses to these questions. What would your life, friendships, and media-influences look like if you took this verse seriously? Write it out in a note, fold it up, and place it in your Bible at Philippians 1:21... next time you turn there, you will be reminded of what you committed to.

Enjoy the day with your family. And stay strong! You're doing great!


So today is day 1 of your fast. This week will be one of the toughest weeks. So let's start with something simple that you can do when you are trying to figure out what to do with your spare time.

Start today with making a list of ways that you are not like Jesus. What parts of who you are is not like Christ? Maybe you get angry easily. Maybe your mind thinks about things that aren't Christ-like. Maybe you have a lust issue. Maybe you don't show respect to your parents Maybe you talk about people when they aren't around. Make a list of 3-5 ways that you are not like Christ.

So now, pick one area you want to work on this month and write it down on the back of a note-card. Let's start with praying that God would help you with this area of your life. Take some time to write out your prayer.

Now, go get your Bible. Open it to Philippians chapter 2. Read through the entire chapter. What verse or verses stick out to you? Post on the blog what verse(s) you have picked and write what that verse speaks to you about this month.

Finally, write the verse(s) out on a note card and put it somewhere where you will see it every day. On the back of that card, you should have written down the area you are going to work on this month. You will come back to this card again this month so keep it handy.

End your time listening to a Christian song that has got your attention or maybe just spend some time praying for the other Media-fasters.