James 2:14-26: Faith In Action
"It is easier said than done" is a cliche that certainly applies to our Christian life. It is much easier to talk about God than to obey him. James said that even the demons believe there is one God. But that certainly does not make them Christians! That's why someone can have all his or her doctrine perfectly straight and still have missed out on God's will. James helps us stay on target.
Warm up
Have you ever felt like God wanted you to do (or not do) something?
Do you always do what God wants you to? (think honor your parents, share your faith, etc)
What has God been asking you to do that you have been ignoring?

Discovering the Word
·         According to James, what good is faith without deeds (vv. 14-17)? Explain why he says this.
·         How does James answer the objection "You have faith; I have deeds" (vv. 18-19)?
·         James gives two Old Testament examples of faith in action. The first is the familiar story of God testing Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his son Isaac. Abraham obeyed but was stopped by an angel at the last minute. How was Abraham's faith made complete by what he did (vv. 21-24)?
·         The second Old Testament example is Rahab, the prostitute who hid two Israelite spies sent to Jericho before Israel's attack. How did Rahab's belief affect her (v. 25)? 5. How does James's closing analogy (v. 26) summarize his teaching on faith and actions?
Apply the Word
·         How do your actions demonstrate the reality of your faith?
·         What do you need to change to make your actions reflect what you believe?

Ask God to help you follow through with the works that will reveal your true faith.


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